5. Newlands Family of Alfred George Joy’s Wife Jeanett

The Newlands family in Australia appear to descend from Merchant Tailors in Glasgow dating into the 18th Century Scotland

Initially it was believed that John Newlands,  and wife Janet Newlands nee Chambers/Chalmers had three children – James, John Jnr and Isabella (Aird). However it appears that there was another  son, William Newlands.  All three sons appeared to have emigrated together on the “Portland” in 1837.

Subsequently their sister Isabella (Aird) also emigrated to Australia. It does not appear that their father ever emigrated to Australia. Family Notices at the time of Isabella’s marriage to John Aird indicated that she was also the niece of Reverend Dr William Newlands of Southwark London.

However, at some point, their mother Janet Newlands nee Chambers/Chalmers also emigrated to Australia where she remarried to – Gould, and was living in Mudgee.


James, the oldest son, was the principal of James Newlands and Co Tailors in Sydney from 1840 – 1846 – although he gave his occupation as Cabinetmaker on emigration

The second son, William (1811 – ) gave his occupation as Tailor on emigration. However at the time of his 1852 death, he was reported as a Tailor.

The third son, John (1812 – 1852) had six children & Jeanett, who married Alfred George Joy, was his 3rd child. Jeanett and Alfred George Joy are the ancestors of the Illawarra Joy Family members.

Isabella‘s husband, John Aird, also appears to have been in Tailoring.

Searching Scottish Origins

The Scottish Post Office Directories for Glasgow provided some interesting entries …  including some who were Merchant Tailors, like the ancestors of the Illawarra Newlands – Joy Family who emigrated to Australia in 1837 :


Scottish Post Office 1828

1833 – 1834

NEWLANDS, Alexander, portioner, 4 New London road
  Newlands, John, sen. merchant tailor, 7 Moore street
  Newlands, John, jun. merchant tailor, 7 Moore street
  Newlands, Patrick, Scotch and Irish linen warehouse, 20 High street,
  house 33 St. Andrew street

The Newlands Family Tree is as follows :

John Newlands, occupation Merchant Tailor. He married Janet Chambers/Chalmers, married 04-08-1811 in Shotts

  1. James Newlands, b. 1807 in Scotland. He married Janet Stirling, married 20-08-1827 in Glasgow. He left Greenock on 24 Jul 1837 in the ‘Portland’.
    1. Isobel Newlands, b. 23-06-1828
    2. John Newlands, b. 18-08-1829
  2. William Newlands b. 1811 in Scotland – . He left Greenock on 24 Jul 1837 in the ‘Portland’.
  3. John Newlands, b. 1812 in of Gorbals, d. 22-08-1852 in Clarence St, Sydney, buried in Rookwood, occupation Carpenter, but later in Merchant Tailoring.  Left Greenock on 24 Jul 1837 in the ‘Portland’. He married Ann Ure, married 10-06-1837 in Gorbals, Lanark, Scotland, b. 17-07-1807 in of Gorbals (daughter of Alexander Ure and Mary Brodie), d. 09-07-1869 in Scots Church, Sydney, buried in Rookwood.  Ann: Annie.
    1. John Newlands, b. 27-12-1838 in Paddington, d. 05-03-1889 in 32 Calder Rd, Darlington. He married Mary Frances Cope, married 31-03-1863 in St Andrews, Sydney
      1. Mary Frances Anne Newlands, b. 16-12-1863 in 28 Union St, Balmain, d. 08-11-1876
      2. Ada Brodie Newlands, b. 17-02-1866 in 13 Union St, Balmain, d. 08-03-1914 in Petersham. She married William Frederick Berckelman, married 14-11-1885 in Cong Church, Pyrmont
        1. William Brodie Berckelman, b. 1888
        2. Nellie Berckelman, b. 1891. She married Edward Henry Relf, married 1923
        3. May Berckelman, b. 1894. She married Walter Keighley, married 1935.
        4. Leslie Berckelman, b. 1898. He married Ruby Paul, married 1923

        5. Frederick Berckelman, b. 1902.
        6. Percy Berckelman, b. 1905. He married Katleen M Allen, married 1925
      3. Jessie Esther Ure Newlands, b. 23-06-1868 in Union St, Balmain, d. 25-10-1912 in Thomas St, Five Dock. She married Matthew Henry Kidson, married 10-07-1889 in 4 Calder Rd, Redfern
        1. Hilda May Kidson, b. 31-05-1890 in 38 Calder Rd, Darlington, d. 14-06-1920 in RPA Hosp, Sydney. She married Edward Henry Relf, married 29-12-1909 in Annandale.
        2. Jessie Newlands Kidson, b. 13-03-1892 in 38 Calder Rd, Darlington, d. 16-07-1917 in Sydney, buried in Leppington. She married Bert Hinks, married 27-08-1913 in St Davids Presbyterian, Haberfield.
        3. Edith Maud Kidson, b. 29-03-1894 in 38 Calder Rd, Darlington, d. 29-04-1963 in Manly Vale. She married Arthur Thomas Walker Myers, married 27-08-1913 in St Davids Presbyterian, Haberfield
          1. Matthew Arthur Myers, b. 26-04-1914 in Canterbury,NSW, d. 21-08-1976 in Tuncurry, buried in Nth Suburbs Cem. He married Ellen Elizabeth Hallstrom, married 04-09-1933 in Dulwich Hill Methodist.
            1. Pamela Edith Myers, b. 18-02-1934 in Campsie. She married John Phillip Neal, married 28-06-1952 in St Peters CofE, Hornsby.
            2. Judith Anne Myers, b. 18-08-1936 in Campsie. She married William Eldon Carothers, married 05-11-1955 in St Peters CofE, Hornsby.
            3. Kay Elizabeth Myers, b. 31-05-1940 in Campsie. She married (1) Wayne Morris Hartley, married 26-07-1958 in St Peters CofE, Hornsby. She married (2) Kenneth John Radford, married 03-09-1977 in RSL Memorial Hall, Hornsby.
            4. David Matthew Myers.
            5. Jonathan William Myers
        4. Alice Minnie Kidson, b. 13-04-1896 in 28 Trafalgar St, Annandale, d. 14-10-1963. She married Norman Etty, married 27-01-1916 in All Souls CofE, Leichhardt
        5. Esther Ann Kidson, b. 05-09-1898 in 28 Trafalgar St, Annandale, d. 25-06-1988 in Priv Hosp, Ashfield. She married Harold Charles Gray, married 29-12-1917 in St Davids Presbyterian, Haberfield.
        6. William Henry Kidson, b. 04-10-1900 in 28 Trafalgar St, Annandale. He married Philomena Moon, married ??-02-1922 in Petersham.
        7. Matthew Hood Kidson, b. 14-10-1902 in 28 Trafalgar St, Annandale, d. 03-05-1977, buried in Leppington.He married Emily Alice Mary Bastian, married 27-05-1931 in Hurstville.
      4. Minnie Cope Newlands, b. 23-10-1870 in Bullanaming St, Redfern, d. 20-11-1944 in 137 Mount St, Coogee.  She married Richard Molesworth Danks, married 1898.
        1. John R W Danks, b. 1899. He married Gertrude A Collins, married 1924
        2. Richard M Danks, b. 1900
        3. Minnie Newlands Danks.
      5. John Joseph Newlands, b. 06-02-1873 in Bullanaming St, Redfern, d. 03-03-1876
      6. Ernest James Stephen Newlands, b. 05-10-1875, d. 16-08-1938 in Rockdale. He married Elizabeth Davies, married 1896
        1. Ada M C Newlands, b. 1897.

        2. Violet M Newlands, b. 1899. She married Richard S Swanson, married 1924.
        3. William E J Newlands, b. 1901, d. 1901
        4. Ernest J S Newlands, b. 1902, d. 1902.
      7. Annie Rose Newlands, b. 10-05-1878, d. 09-09-1960 in Coffs Harbour. She married James B Fowler, married 1899.
        1. Berwick Alexander Fowler, b. 05-08-1900. He married Elsie A L Crisp, married 1927
        2. Cecil Edward Newlands Fowler, b. 25-01-1902. He married Lilian M E E Field, married 1920
        3. Eileen A Fowler, b. 1904, d. 1905.  Death recorded as Eline A Fowler
        4. Leslie Newlands Fowler, b. 01-02-1906. He married Olive M V Withford, married 1927.
        5. David Alexander Fowler, b. 02-04-1908.
        6. John Newlands Fowler, b. 1910.
        7. Kenneth J Fowler, d. 1912.

      8. Mabel Mary A Goldsmith Newlands, b. 09-10-1880, d. 14-12-1958 in Leichhardt. She married John Burns.
      9. Elsie May Newlands, b. 11-05-1883. She married Oscar Herbert Oldham Kidson, married 1911
      10. Mary Ann Forster Newlands, b. 22-05-1888, d. 29-07-1914 in 32 Calder Rd, Darlington. She married Albert Robert Munro, married 1913 in Redfern
    2. Mary Anne Newlands, b. 08-05-1841 in Sydney, d. 18-02-1916 in Stanmore. She married Stephen Foster, married 25-11-1863 in Scots Church, Sydney.  Stephen: BDM Index of marriage has surname as Fossker
      1. Emma J Foster, b. 1871
      2. Stephen Foster, b. 1872
      3. Bethenia Maria Foster, b. 1875
    3. Jeanett Newlands, b. 02-01-1843 in Sydney, d. 1912 in Petersham.  Janet or Jeanette.  She married Alfred George Joy, married 25-01-1864 in Sydney, b. ??-??-1839 in Kensington, London (son of William Joy and Mary McKay), d. 1904 in Petersham, occupation Boilermaker/Railway/Butch.  Alfred: A C Joy came on the “Lousia” from Hobart2/5/1846 – Tailor from Middlesex. Free Settler. AA Reel# 2457, 1273.
      1. Alfred George Joy, b. ??-03-1864 in Sydney, d. 27-12-1867 in Sydney
      2. William Brodie Joy, b. 1866 in Sydney, d. 1930 in Petersham. Law Clerk. He married Alice E Juleff, married 1890 in Picton
        1. William B F Joy, b. 1891 in Petersham. He married Lilian M Cutler, married 1916 in Marrickville
          1. Sheila C Joy, b. 1917 in Marrickville
        2. Reginald J A M Joy, b. 1897 in Petersham. He married Ethel W Bothamley, married 1920 in Petersham
        3. Noel B Joy, b. 1906 in Petersham.  A Noel Bruce Joy m1944 Christina Gowans Boyd Ross, 2nd marriage? He married Jean T Fisher, married 1931 in Ashfield.  Jean: aka Jean Trant-Fisher.
        4. Alice Daphne  Joy, b. 1910 in Petersham.She married John T Fisher, (Fischer ?) married 1930 in Petersham.  John: Sibling of Noel’s wife??
      3. Amy Isabella Joy, b. 1868 in Sydney, d. 1872 in Sydney.
      4. Janet A Joy, b. 1871 in Sydney.  aka Jeanett/Jeannette. She married William Webster, married 1900 in Petersham.
        1. Leslie W F J Webster, b. 1902 in Petersham. He married Beryl A Baxter, married 1932 in Petersham
        2. Jessie A Webster, b. 1905 in Petersham.  May have married Royal A Ellis?. She married James Mills, married 1929 in Parramatta
      5. John Charles Joy, b. 26-12-1873 in Darlington NSW, d. 24-02-1910 in Bulli, buried in St Augustines, Bulli, occupation Law Clerk.  He married Edith Florence Hicks, married 11-09-1901 in St Augustines, Bulli, b. 25-03-1880 in Austinmer, North Bulli (daughter of Henry Thomas Hicks and Mary Anne McKenzie), d. 09-04-1958 in Bulli, buried in St Augustines, Bulli.
        1. Kenneth Charles Joy, b. 1902 but put his age up to 18-12-1901 in Reg @ Husrtville,  to enlist in Navy in WW1 d. 19-05-1952 in Unanderra. He married Marjorie Louise Tolner, married 12-09-1936, b. 29-10-1915, d. 2000. 
          1. Margaret Edith Joy, b. 22-09-1937. She married Allan Thomas John Risk, married 24-10-1959 in St Davids CofE, Thirroul, b. 26-01-1938

          2. Kenneth William Joy, b. 27-08-1942. He married Carol Hayes, married 26-03-1968 in CofE, Figtree, b. 12-07-1948
          3. Kathleen Elizabeth Joy, b. 30-10-1945 in Coledale. She married (1) Sp Ryan, married 21-12-1963 in St Davids, Thirroul; married (2) Alan Johnson, married 29-03-1969 in Bulli, b. 26-11-1942
        2. Mary Constance Joy, b. 04-01-1906 in Penshurst, d. 04-06-1960 in Waterfall, buried in St Augustines, Bulli.  aka Molly. She married Louis Russell Freeman Callcott, married 30-11-1929 in St Augustines, Bulli, b. 28-12-1903 in Lyndhurst/Carcoar (son of Alfred Freeman Callcott and Lucy Midson), d. 06-06-1985 in Thirroul, buried in Bulli Gen Cem:CE-S2-D-23, occupation Railway Porter. They divorced.
          1. Ian McKenzie Callcott, b. 01-09-1930 in Enfield.  He married Lola Elspeth Martin, married 07-04-1951 in St Augustines CofE, Bulli, b. 05-02-1932, d. 07-04-1993 in Shellharbour
          2. Joan Lois Callcott, b. 16-10-1932 in Hornsby, occupation Typist, d. 05-11-2012 in Wollongong. She married Cyril Ross Adams, married 19-12-1953 in St Augustines Anglican Bulli, b. 2-11-1923 in Tweed Heads (son of Cyril Bernard Barden and Mary Ethel May Adams), d. 17-2-1990 in Bulli, buried 19-2-1990 in St Augustines Anglican Bulli, occupation Painter.
          3. Enid Josephine Callcott, b. 14-03-1935 in Penshurst. She married Keith Lambert Gorton, married 19-12-1952, b. 20-08-1927. Divorced
          4. John Alfred Callcott, b. 04-07-1936 in Lambton. He married Patricia Lynette Barrand, married 09-09-1960 in VIC, b. 23-10-1944.
          5. Joy  Callcott, b. 02-02-1938 in Thirroul. She married Victor James Parks, married 07-02-1959 in Brownsville, b. 02-09-1934.
      6. Annie Isabella Joy, b. 1876 in Redfern, d. 1936 in Marrickville.
        1. She married Arthur H Ball, married 1911 in Petersham. Arthur C Ball, b. 1915 in Ashfield.  An Arthur Clifton Ball m1942 Joan Eleanor Wallings?
        2. Colin C Ball, b. 1916 in Ashfield
      7. Amy Eliza Joy, b. 1879 in Redfern, d. 1925 in Kogarah. She married George A Gilbert, married 1905 in Hurstville.
        1. Alice G Gilbert, b. 1906 in Rockdale
        2. George A Gilbert, b. 1908 in Rockdale
        3. Amy J Gilbert, b. 1911 in Hurstville
        4. Grace L Gilbert, b. 1914 in Annandale.  May have married Charles Henry Brink in 1938.
      8. Mary A Ethel Joy, b. 1882 in Petersham, d. 1934 in Chatswood.  Married as Ethel M JOY. Used Ethel on children’s birth certs. She married Sidney G Walton, married 1907 in Marrickville
        1. Ethel M Walton, b. 1912 in St Leonards
      9. Alfred E N Joy, b. 1886 in Petersham. He married Mary Wade, married 1922 in Sydney.
    4. Alexander Newlands, b. 23-11-1844 in Sydney, d. 07-07-1915. He married Amelia Matilda Lane, married 13-08-1873
      1. Ada Eveline Newlands, b. 18-08-1874 . She married Joseph T Juleff, married 1897
      2. Edith Matilda Newlands, b. 29-01-1876. She married George E T Bateman, married 1908
      3. Albert Ernest Alexander Newlands, b. 05-01-1878. He married Ethel R Williams, married 1912
      4. Stephen Forster Newlands, b. 04-10-1880. He married Elsie L M Rofe, married 1906.
      5. Alexander Newlands, b. 22-06-1885. He married Eliza M Williams, married 1919
    5. Isabella Newlands, b. 1845, d. 1848, buried in Rookwood.
  4. Isabella Newlands, b. 11-04-1817, d. 1864. She married John Aird, married 14-08-1840 in St Lawrence, George St, Sydney, d. 1882 in Redfern.
    1. James Stevenson Aird, d. 1878 in Redfern. He married Mary Ann Shade, married 1866
      1. John C Aird, b. 1867. He married Emma Lamont, married 1890
        1. Wallace C Aird, b. 1891.
        2. Clarence S Aird, b. 1892. He married Aileen Winn, married 1918
      2. Donald N Aird, b. 1870, d. 1870.
      3. Walter Dickson Aird, b. 1875, d. 1942. He married Maggie H Rodgers, married 1900.
        1. Jessie S Aird, b. 1901. She married Thomas M Jones, married 1922
        2. Laurie C Aird, b. 1902
        3. Elsie M D Aird, b. 1905
      4. James Newlands Aird, b. 1876, d. 1878
    2. Christina I Aird, d. 1846
    3. Elizabeth L Aird, d. 1895. She married Christopher Nord, married 1868
      1. Marian I Nord, b. 1868
      2. Bertha E Nord, b. 1870. She married William Malone, married 1893.
        1. Emily E Malone, b. 1894
        2. May E Malone, b. 1897
        3. Alice M Malone, b. 1900
      3. William G Nord, b. 1872, d. 1876.
      4. James Christopher Nord, b. 1875, d. 1937.
    4. Margaret Isabella Aird. She married Walsingham Botton Coleman, married 1876
      1. Isabella J Coleman, b. 1877.
      2. Walsingham James Coleman, b. 1879. He married Annie Brown, married 1918
      3. Edith M Coleman, b. 1882.
      4. Elsie E Coleman, b. 1885
    5. John N Aird.
    6. Janet C Aird, d. 1891
    7. Walter MCC Aird, b. 1856 in Glebe.
    8. William N Aird, b. 1859 in Glebe, d. 1867 in Sydney



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