John Charles Joy

John Charles Joy was born on 26.12.1873 at Darlinghurst in Sydney. He married Edith Florence Hicks, the second youngest daughter of Henry Thomas and Mary Ann Hicks on 11.09.1901 at St Augustine’s Bulli. There were two children, Kenneth Charles Joy and Mary Constance Callcott, before his untimely death at age 37 years on 24.2.1910.

An early photograph from the 1880’s is believed to be John Charles Joy, shown as an altar boy.

John Charles Joy 1880’s ?

John Charles Joy’s occupation was reported to be an Articled Legal Clerk – see photo below believed to be from the 1890’s.

Only a single photograph exists of John Charles and Edith Florence Joy shown together – taken at Stanwell Park in 1897 prior to their later marriage, of which no photographs have ever been sighted in the last 60 years or so.

John Charles Joy and Edith Florence Hicks at Stanwell Park 1897 – said to be then engaged to be married – the photographs on this page appear to be Cabinet Cards which were popular in the second half of the 19th Century – more from Wikipedia


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