Edith Florence Joy – Sister

Edith Florence Joy (nee Hicks) came from a large family and seems to have kept up contact with all of her sisters – Margaret Cook, , Christina Woolley and Ida Webb, and most  brothers –  James Alexander, George, Henry Thomas Jnr and Richard Ernest. Some of her siblings are  shown in the photographs below. There seems to have been less contact with her brother Alexander Henry, even though Alexander lived in Balgownie. But perhaps a lot of Alexander‘s time was taken up with political and union activities – he was Mayor of the North Illawarra Council and had been Illawarra President of the Colliery Employees Association. As many of her father’s siblings had moved up to the north coast of NSW,  contact could have been reduced, or gradually lost, as well.

The list of Edith and her siblings is as follows :

  1. Ann Hicks (1862-1862)
  2. Catherine Hicks (1862-1862)
  3. James Alexander Hicks (1863 – 1939) married 1890  Edith Jones (?- 1896)
  4. Margaret Minnie Hicks (1865 – 1952 ) married 1899 Alfred Cook (?- 1930)
  5. Alexander Henry Hicks (1866-1957) married 1884 Esther Mary Armstrong (1864-1918)
  6. Henry William Hicks (1868-1973)
  7. Unknown Male Hicks (1869-1869)
  8. Mary Alice Hicks (9.1.1871-5.9.1945) married 1929 Alexander Cook (nb his second marriage)
  9. George Hicks (19.1.1873- 1956) married Lucy (Lou) Ann Keen
  10. Christina Ann Hicks (4.2.1875 – 1951)  married 26.1.1903 Edward Woolley (1870-1935)
  11. (28.4.1877 -1944 or 1946) married 1898 Eva Kate  Bottomly
  12. Edith Florence Hicks  (25.3.1880 – 9.4.1958) married (11.9.1901) John Charles Joy (26.12.1873 – 24.2.1910)
  13. Ida McKenzie Hicks (10.9.1883?- 1967) married 1912 Arthur Frederick Webb (? – 1966)
  14. Richard Ernest Hicks (4.9.1887 ?- 1953) married 1913 Teresa Catherine Creevey (1885-1963)

(Hicks) – Edith Florence Joy (Hicks)- after 1915 ?

Of course one of the questions that (nee Adams) really wishes she’d asked her mother, Joan Lois Adams (nee Callcott) – “Just who was Mamie Thorne  in the photograph below ?” Well fortunately Joan’s older brother, Ian McKenzie Hicks, and daughter Mary, had the answer :

” Mamie Thorn was a very close friend of Edith Florence Joy. She lived nearby in Nelson Street Penshurst. She also owned a car (Morris 8/40) – lovely little car, black and green – a bit trendy for a lady of her age! Ian can remember her bringing Nanna (Edith Florence) down to Harbord Street, Thirroul about three times before they went to live at Soudan Street, Thirroul “.

Church in Sydney-Front Row – Mary Alice Cook  (Hicks)  (2nd from right) and sister Edith Florence Joy (Hicks) (far right) with family friend  Mammy Thorne in back row

Mary Alice Cook (Hicks) and sister Edith Florence Joy (Hicks) – 1930s at Edith’s home at 598 Forest Rd Penshurst

Edith’s great granddaughter, (nee Adams) really liked this photo (above) of Edith with her bird at Penshurst. It reminds Kerrie of one of her earliest memories when as a three year old she visited her great grandmother Edith Florence Joy and grandmother Mary Constance Callcott in Soudan St Thirroul. They had a bird called Joey there and Kerrie cheekily commented about how her Uncle was also called “Joe(y)”, ( ie John Alfred Callcott). She remembers a stern “Don’t be cheeky!” rebuke from Edith Florence Joy (nee Hicks). Kerrie has another misty memory of her great grandmother’s Soudan St Thirroul home. “It seemed to have a lot of dark timber and I can remember crinkled deep purple foil Christmas decorations hanging from the ceilings,” recalled Kerrie.

Mary Alice (Hicks) –  niece Daphne Callaghan (Hicks – daughter of Richard Ernest Hicks) – Edith Florence Joy (Hicks) – 1930s – Penshurst

Day of Tollner Joy engagement Edith Florence Joy 1936 Penshurst-2
Mary Alice Cook (Hicks) – Edith Florence Joy (Hicks) – Daphne Callaghan (Hicks) – Margaret Minnie Cook (Hicks)

George and  Lou Hicks after their 50th Wedding anniversary 1940s – front
George Hicks-  Christina Woolley (Hicks) – Lucy (Lou ) Ann Hicks (Keen) – Edith Florence Joy (Hicks)

George and Lou Hicks after 50th Wedding anniversary 1940s – reverse
Written by Lou Hicks

More photographs of George Hicks, son of Henry Thomas and – a bombadier in the Boer Wars and rose to captain in World War 1.

George Hicks and Lucy Ann (Lou )Hicks ( Keen)

Edith Florence Joy (Hicks) and Christina Woolley (Hicks) late 1940’s – early 1950’s ?

George Lou Hicks after 50th Wedding anniversary 1940s – front
George Hicks – Christina Woolley – (Hicks) Lucy (Lou) Hicks (Keen) -Edith Florence Joy (Hicks)

Amazingly there seemed to be no photographs of her youngest sister, Ida McKenzie Webb (nee Hicks), also known as “Jummy“, who was married to Arthur Webb. Aunty Jummy and Uncle Arthur were the rich relations who kept up contact with Edith Florence Joy (nee Hicks), Mary Constance Callcott (nee Joy) and Joan Lois Adams (nee Callcott) for many years. Arthur was believed to be the executor of Edith‘s estate.

However Ian Hicks has sent this photo of Aunty Jummy and his dad, Henry Marshall “Harry” Hicks taken about 50 years ago

Aunty Jummie and Harry Marshall Hicks

Aunty Jummie Webb nee Hicks and Harry Marshall Hicks

Joan‘s eldest daughter, Kerrie,  can still recall Uncle Arthur and Aunty Jummy occasionally visiting Joan and Ross Adams in their Redman Avenue Thirroul home until 1965. Joan would tell stories of how Uncle Arthur tried to point out the trains to Kerrie, as a toddler,  at Redman Avenue Thirroul – however Kerrie was too used to the train noises. Kerrie also recalls Joan‘s deep sadness at Uncle Arthur‘s passing, whilst on an international cruise, and how he had to be buried at sea. That branch of the family was also related to the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Marcus Loane,  and to David Broughton Knox, Principal of the Anglican Moore Theological College in Sydney, in the mid 1960’s.

Below is Uncle Arthur‘s very fancy Austin, outside the Soudan St Thirroul home of Edith Florence Joy (nee Hicks) – with Edith’s son, Kenneth Charles Joy,  having a good look !

Kenneth Charles Joy in front of Arthur Webb’s Austin early 1950s outside 5 Soudan Street Thirroul home of  Edith Florence Joy (nee Hicks) – note  Arthur was Ida McKenzie Hicks aka Aunty Jummie – youngest daughter of and (McKenzie) – possibly similar model to the Austin A 70  were used in the Britain to Cape Town Race in 1950 according to Julie (Great Great Niece), and  her husband, Laurence Lock Lee.


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