Edith Florence Joy – Aunt

In the mid 1930’s Edith’s niece Daphne Hicks was living with Edith at her Penshurst home, and is remembered by some of Edith’s grandchildren. Daphne was the eldest child and daughter of Richard Ernest “Ern” Hicks and Teresa Creevey’s four children. Ern  was a younger brother of Edith Florence Hicks and the youngest of Henry Thomas and Mary Ann Hicks’ 14 children. He was a school teacher and spent quite a few years down at Urana in south western NSW – so Daphne seems to have moved in with her aunt in Sydney. Note – Her sister Marjorie would marry a Boree Creek farmer, James Morley – another sister Thelma married George Little, and their brother John married Yvonne Philomena Webb.

Daphne was born in Tamworth in 1913 and married taxi driver Victor George Callaghan in 1939. Victor had divorced his first wife Rita (Verne) earlier in 1939. Daphne lived for a time on a house that backed onto Edith’s Penshurst home. Daphne and Victor appeared to have parted by 1954 around the time he got into trouble with the law. Their son Kevin John Callaghan was born in 1941 and passed away in 1961.

At Penshurst home of Daphne Callaghan that backed onto her Aunt Edith Florence Joy’s home
– Niece Daphne Callaghan (1913-1966) and her Son Kevin John Callaghan (1941-1961)-Edith Florence Joy – circa mid-late 1940s ? Penshurst

Kevin Callaghan and his Great Aunt Edith Florence Joy (sister of his grandfather Richard Ernest Hicks) – circa late 1940s  – at his mother’s Penshurst home that backed onto his great Aunt Edith Florence Joy’s home

Marjory Louisa Tollner engagement to Kenneth Charles Joy at Penshurst home of Edith Florence Joy 1936
Rear – Edith Florence Joy (Hicks) Margaret “Maggie” Cook (Hicks) Alice Mary “Biddy” Cook (Hicks)
Front – Daphne Hicks (later Callaghan) and  Marjory Louisa Tollner

Daphne Hicks (23 years) at Penshurst home of Edith Florence Joy 1936 – engagement of Kenneth Charles Joy and Marjory Louisa Tollner – Daphne married Victor Callaghan in 1939, following his divorce from Rita Callaghan nee Verne in the same year

Aunt Alice Mary “Biddy” Cook – Niece Daphne Callaghan nee Hicks  – Aunt Edith Florence Joy 1930s – Penshurst


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